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 Through this class, I could learn some useful website to study academic English like "Academic Phrase bank", "AWL Highlighter" or "Sciencedirect.com."
 Also I learned the importance of making a habit of reading English books and watch English subtitled movies.
 I've had this class only 3 times but I'm gonna study English more efficiently by using the knowledge that I got in this class.



How to use "each" and "every."
Land A at B
"Nobody" is in the singular.
Not "I and Maki" but "Maki and I."
The reference should be put in alphabetical order.

academic vocabulary in use 3

As can be seen, from table Ⅱ, participation figures have been steadily falling since 1970.

Different authors have account for the President's actions in different ways.

Mendel attempted to devise a system for classify the many different types of pea plant that he grew.

It is often the most effective present your data in a chart or table.

The data we have collected showed that there has been a downward trend with regard t job satisfaction over the last 50 years.

The aim of the research is developed a new software application which will help aviation engineers design more sophisticated aircraft.

The archaeologists should be able to use carbon dating techniques to establish exactly how old the bones are.

Charles Darwin attempted to explain the existence of different species in terms of evolution.

“Great Influences from Atama-ii Books”

“Great Influences
from Atama-ii Books”

Akinori Ushijima
Yukiho Hashimoto
Naho Horiguchi
Nao Seike

What is Atama-ii Books?

Atama-ii books is a series of beginner level easy-English graded readers for all ages 11 and up.
There are 10 books in this series, and each book follows the same rules. 
The reader becomes the chief character of the story.
As we read the story, we come across the choices that can change the ending of the story.
Depending on our choice, we can reach completely different endings.
Each book in this series has 3 branch points and 8 conclusions.
Also these have original full-color illustrations to help understanding.
We read “Journey to Mars”, ”Backstage Pass”, “The Ooze” and ”The North fence" 
and talked about the features of this series.

Summary of each story we read

“Backstage Pass”
When you encounter your most favorite musician, what do you do?
Scream, cry, hug...or freeze?
If you get a chance to see the musician, what do you do?
You might act boldly; nevertheless, it is very risky.
In this story, the main characters go to their favorite band's concert 
and they get a chance to meet the members of the band. 
The main characters’ acts to meet them cause some incidents. 
Anyway, I was thrilled and I thought this story tend to unhappily.

“Journey to Mars”
I was an astronaut and I went to Mars with Maki and Buck. On the way to Mars, a wormhole appeared, 
and I decided to go into the wormhole. So I went to another time or place. 
Suddenly Buck attempted to kill Maki so I killed him reluctantly. 
After that, Maki and I recognized that we couldn’t go back to the earth, 
so I decided to land at a blue planet. The planet was very comfortable for us. 
The foods were very delicious, the climate was very comfortable, and the animals were friendly, 
but longer and longer we stayed there, we forgot who we were gradually. One day, a snake appeared.

“The North Fence”
In this story, I'm a ranch hand. My task is to check the fence to save horses from wild animals. 
In this book, there are some scenes where I decide what to do. At the end, 
I happened to encounter six wolves. Fortunately, I didn't die. But my boss, Gilberd, was hurt by a trap. 
So when I read this story again, I want to choose another way to help my boss
Although in the real world, I have never seen wild wolves. If I unfortunately encountered them and 
I was killed by them, I could make another try.
“The Ooze”
In this story: OOZE is the very strange thing. So the biology teacher was really interested in it. 
But his study was suspicious. And ooze looked sad. So I tried to help it. 
I got the bucket which in ooze out of lab, but there were security guards everywhere. 
So I went to jail for stealing the ooze. Soon my friend came to visit my jail, and to help me escape!

What did the science teacher try to do? Was it really for study? I want to know the fact. 
Also I want to know the fact of the ooze. What is ooze? What is the ooze made from?

Our Conclusion
Every book we read in this series has some happy endings and some bad endings, 
and almost all endings make us think about the continuation or messages of these stories. 
Owing to this system, we are able to not only read the stories but also we can consider 
what the stories mean. Therefore using this series in the field of education can lead the students to 
study English and think about what is happiness, friends, death, 
or other essential things like that in our life.

Ito, L. (2015) , Backstage Pass, Florida and Tokyo: Atama-ii Books.
Kannenberg, T. (2015). The North Fence. Florida and Tokyo: Atama-ii Books. 
Kyle, M. (2015). The Ooze. Florida and Tokyo: Atama-ii Books.
Raine, P. (2014). Journey to Mars. Florida and Tokyo: Atama-ii Books.


academic vocabulary in use2

It makes a strong case for boosting the number of  community police officers.
asking members of the public for their views on how best to prevent crime.
it serves a useful purpose in raising awareness of the issues.
The political motives for the government's actions are beyond the scope of this essay.
She wrote an article on the subject of class.

AWL sentences

The solid, liquid and gaseous products were characterized by proximate and ultimate analyses as well as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis, Raman laser analysis and gas chromatography.


 Based on these data, the transformation behaviors of C, H, O, N and S contained in the raw lignite as they partition into the HTD products (solid, liquid and gas) were investigated.


 High temperature leads to a significant loss of carbon in the solid product; this corresponds with increases of the carbon content in the gas and liquid phases. 



academic vocabulary in use1

  • In this theory of history, progress is closely identified with technology.
  • The study lacks solid evidence and therefore its conclusions are doubtful.
  • Nanotechnology is a relatively new discipline.
  • London cannot in any way be compared to Sydney as a place to live and work.
  • The study is a prime example of the way sociologists collect their data.

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 Through this class, I could learn some useful website to study academic English like "Academic Phrase bank", "AWL Highlighte...